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Chemotherapy is a therapy used in the treatment of cancer. It consists of the administration of various drugs to destroy cancer cells and completely reduce or eliminate the disease.


The treatment is intended to kill cells while they are dividing. It is important to know that these treatments have side effects that can occur after administration, as well as during the infusion, so it is necessary to have qualified personnel who know the protocol to follow in these cases.

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Target therapies consist of drugs focused on specific molecules that express certain tumors, are directed against a specific "target".


Immunotherapy has revolutionized cancer treatment; Also called biological therapy, it is a type of treatment that stimulates the body's natural defenses -immune system- to fight the tumor, stop the spread of malignant cells throughout the body and stop or delay tumor growth.

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The purpose of early detection is to detect cancer when it is located in the organ of origin and before it invades nearby tissues and distant organs, or in some tumor locations, to detect a precancerous lesion.
Cancer early detection programs have two main components: early diagnosis and screening. Nearly a third of all cancers worldwide are estimated to be susceptible to early detection and possible cure with treatment.

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